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One of the biggest concerns to affect Whittier has been the increase in homeless individuals and their use of public parks for their living space

What is currently being done about this issue?

  • Homeless individuals staying in Parnell park and the greenbelt on Whittier Blvd were given motel vouchers as a temporary measure.
  • After the homeless left Parnell park, debris was removed and the area in which they were living was sanitized.
  • Cal Trans and the State of California posted no trespassing signs at the greenbelt. Having any individuals on the greenbelt represents a safety issue as it is next to Whittier Blvd.
  • Local and county social service agencies reach out to homeless individuals on a regular basis to offer services and housing.

What will I be doing?

  • Encourage the Council to adopt a revised camping ordinance which will prohibit tents and camping during daylight hours.
  • Continue to work with surrounding cities to determine a location for a shelter.
  • Continue to work with State Senator Bob Archuleta towards a regional solution.
  • At the appropriate time, file and amicus Brief to support the City of Boise, ID as they pursue the appeal of Martin v Boise.


During the past five to eight years, five of the city's seven car dealerships have closed.

What about other changes in Whittier?

  • The City is in the process of placing new water and sewer lines throughout the older Uptown area.
  • A new water pumping plant to safeguard the city's water supply has been constructed.
  • A facelift for the Uptown Business District has been approved.
  • A new parking structure will soon be built to serve the Uptown area.
  • The intersections at Colima & Whittier Blvd as well as Painter & Whittier Blvd will be expanded.
  • The signals at the intersections of Lambert & Cole, Lambert & Scott and Lambert & Santa Gertrudes will be synchronized.
  • Several areas of street paving will occur in East Whittier.

What has been done with these properties?

  • All five properties have been repurposed to include:
    • The Apartments at Catalina
    • Friendly Hills Marketplace, a new retail center
    • Oakmont of Whittier, a new Assisted Living center
    • LA Fitness
    • Whittier Crossing which includes a Starbucks


Constant growth for the past several years has occurred in all areas of the City.

  • There was an increase of 45 new businesses that have opened in Whittier since January 2018.
  • Several new housing units have been developed to address the housing shortage in the State of California.
  • The Fred C. Nelles property has been graded, infrastructure is being placed and soon we will see the beginning of 750 new housing units on this property.
  • The Nelles property will be transformed into THE GROVES and contain four historical buildings some of which will be integrated into a retail/commercial center.


What changes will we see happening in Whittier during the next five years?

  • One of the biggest changes will be the rehabilitation of the Central Library to address infrastructure issues.
  • With the retirement of Jeff Collier, a new city manager will be hired this fall.
  • Ensure public safety by adding new officers to the police force.
  • Work with the LA County Fire Department to enhance our local paramedic services.